Matt Damon Is Overjoyed for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Matt Damon Is Overjoyed for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Recently Matt Damon Is Overjoyed for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Matt Damon has been best friends with Ben Affleck since they were kids, so it’s no surprise that he’s been following Affleck’s relationship with Jennifer Lopez closely.

In recent interviews, Damon has opened up about how he really feels about Bennifer 2.0, and it’s clear that he’s nothing but happy for his friends.

Matt Damon Is Overjoyed for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

“I’m just so happy for him,” Damon told Extra during the New York City premiere of his movie, Stillwater. “He’s the best.”

Damon has also been teasing Affleck and Lopez a bit, joking that he’s “not happy” for them because he wants them to experience some hardship. But deep down, he’s clearly thrilled that they’re back together.

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“I mean, how else would I be?” Damon quipped to Jess Cagle on his Sirius XM show. “Like, would I be unhappy? Like, ‘I hate true love.'”

Damon’s comments are just the latest indication that he’s fully supportive of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship. The two have been inseparable since they rekindled their romance in 2021, and they’re even planning to get married.

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Damon is sure to be a major part of Affleck and Lopez’s wedding, and he’ll no doubt be cheering them on as they embark on this new chapter in their lives.

In addition to his public comments, Damon has also been showing his support for Affleck and Lopez in private. He’s been spending time with the couple, and he’s even given them some advice on their relationship.

Matt Damon Is Overjoyed for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

“I’ve given them some pointers,” Damon told Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve told them to enjoy it, to cherish it, and to hold onto each other.”

Damon’s advice is clearly resonating with Affleck and Lopez, who seem to be happier than ever. They’re clearly meant to be together, and Damon is thrilled to see them finally find their happily ever after.

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