WCW Legend Russo Calls Out Tony Khan: "Where's My Cut?"

WCW Legend Russo Calls Out Tony Khan: “Where’s My Cut?”

Vince Russo Calls Out Tony Khan For Royalty Fees: The ever-outspoken Vince Russo has reignited his feud with AEW, this time demanding “royalty fees” from president Tony Khan. In a recent YouTube video [paraphrase to avoid mentioning Youtube channel], Russo unloaded on the Jacksonville-based promotion, accusing them of failing to capitalize on nostalgia and creators like himself.

WCW Ghost Haunts AEW: Russo Demands Royalties, Throws Shade

In a move that would make ghosts jealous, Vince Russo, a former WCW Champion (though the title reign is disputed by many), has emerged from the wrestling rumour mill to take aim at AEW. In a recent YouTube rant, Russo unloaded on Tony Khan, claiming he’s owed “royalty fees” and criticizing AEW’s booking and viewership.

Vince Russo Calls Out Tony Khan For Royalty Fees: Is This 1st Time For Russo?

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This isn’t the first time Russo has taken shots at AEW. The wrestling personality, known for his controversial booking philosophies, has been a vocal critic of Khan’s company since its inception. However, the demand for royalties adds a new layer of absurdity to the situation.

Russo’s claim likely stems from his creative contributions to WCW in the late 90s, a period that saw the company engage in a heated Monday Night Raw war with WWE. However, it’s highly improbable he has any legal basis for royalties from AEW, a completely separate organization.

WCW Legend Russo Calls Out Tony Khan: "Where's My Cut?"

While Russo’s comments should be taken with a grain of salt (or perhaps the whole shaker), they do highlight a larger conversation. AEW has undeniably faced challenges in recent months. Viewership has dipped, and some fans have expressed frustration with certain booking decisions.


Is Russo the right person to be critiquing these issues? Probably not. But his outburst does serve as a reminder that AEW, despite its initial success, needs to keep innovating and evolving to stay relevant in the ever-competitive world of professional wrestling.

One thing’s for sure: Russo’s ghost may have left WCW in the dust, but it seems he can’t resist haunting the halls of AEW, at least for a headline or two.

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