Queen Bey Tips Her Stetson to Jack White

Queen Bey Tips Her Stetson to Jack White: Flowers and Appreciation for “Cowboy Carter”

Queen Bey Beyonce thanks Jack White: Country music just got a whole lot more powerful. Beyonce’s foray into the genre with her new album, “Cowboy Carter,” has tongues wagging, but it seems one particular rocker deserves a special thank you.

Jack White, the former White Stripes frontman and all-around musical innovator, received a surprising gift from the Queen Bey herself: a bouquet of flowers and a note expressing gratitude for his influence on the album.

Queen Bey Tips Her Stetson to Jack White: Flowers and Appreciation for “Cowboy Carter”

While White and Beyonce haven’t collaborated on “Cowboy Carter,” it appears his musical spirit seeped into the creation process. White, known for his raw and energetic rock sound, is a far cry from Beyonce’s usual R&B and pop stylings.

Queen Bey Tips Her Stetson to Jack White

This unexpected influence hints at a new direction for Beyonce, one that embraces a more rootsy and dynamic sound.

The news broke via Jack White’s Instagram. He posted a picture of the flowers alongside a heartfelt caption praising Beyonce’s graciousness and talent. He also offered a public thank you, highlighting the undeniable power of her voice.

Beyonce thanks Jack White by sending flowers for his support on her new album

Queen Bey Tips Her Stetson to Jack White
Image credit: Rolling Stone

This exchange between the two musical titans is a delightful moment of mutual respect, showcasing the unifying power of music across genres.

While details remain scarce on how exactly White influenced “Cowboy Carter,” fans are abuzz with speculation. Did his signature fuzzed-out guitars inspire a twangy electric edge? Perhaps his bluesy swagger seeped into the album’s lyrical themes.

One thing’s for certain: with Beyonce at the helm and a dash of White’s inspiration, “Cowboy Carter” promises to be a genre-bending masterpiece.

Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter Full Album


This act of appreciation from Beyonce not only highlights her openness to new artistic influences, but also sets a positive tone for collaboration between established stars. It’s a reminder that even the biggest names in music can learn and grow from each other.

With “Cowboy Carter” poised to be a major release, one can only wonder if this unexpected connection will pave the way for a future collaboration between these two musical powerhouses.

Queen Bey Tips Her Stetson to Jack White

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