Angela Bassett Jokes About Life After Raising Twins

From Mini-Me to College Flyers: Angela Bassett Jokes About Life After Raising Twins

Angela Bassett Jokes About Life: Angela Bassett, the powerhouse actress who’s graced our screens for decades, wears many hats. But perhaps her most cherished role is that of mom to fraternal twins, Bronwyn and Slater Vance.

Bassett and her equally accomplished husband, Courtney B. Vance, welcomed their bundles of joy in 2006 via surrogate after a long fertility journey.

From Mini-Me to College Flyers: Angela Bassett Jokes About Life After Raising Twins

While Bassett has slayed red carpets and delivered show-stopping performances, raising twins has presented its own set of hilarious challenges. In a recent interview, she jokingly confessed that therapy might be in order once Bronwyn and Slater head off to college.

A Bond That Started Small

Angela Bassett Jokes About Life After Raising Twins
Angela Bassett Jokes About Life After Raising Twins

Bassett has spoken openly about the twins’ early years. Bronwyn, her “mini-me,” would often mimic her mom, even when it came to disciplining her brother. This innate desire to follow in Bassett’s footsteps is heartwarming, but it likely wasn’t always sunshine and roses.

The Not-So-Quiet Twins

Bassett readily admits that the twins weren’t always the picture of perfect harmony. Sibling rivalry is a natural part of growing up, and Bronwyn and Slater were no exception.

She’s hilariously recounted how their constant bickering used to be a source of amusement (and maybe a touch of exasperation) – “They argue, strike, and fight every day!” Bassett once told Access Hollywood.

There was a silver lining though. Despite their squabbles, Slater was always there to protect his sister, showcasing a deeper bond beneath the surface.

Therapy with a Side of Pride

Angela Bassett Jokes About Life After Raising Twins
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Fast forward to today, and Bassett’s twins are on the cusp of adulthood. With college on the horizon, Bassett can’t help but crack jokes about the impending empty nest.

While the prospect of a quieter household might be tempting, it’s clear that Bassett beams with pride when talking about her children.

A Mother’s Love: Laughter and Support

Bassett’s journey with her twins is a relatable one for many parents. It’s a beautiful mess of laughter, love, and the inevitable chaos that comes with raising children. Through it all, Bassett’s unwavering love and support for her children shine through.

And who knows, maybe that therapy session will be a chance to celebrate the incredible adventure of raising twins, not lament its end.

An Inside Look At Angela Bassett’s Life And Career


While details about the twins’ futures remain private, one thing is certain: Bassett’s legacy extends far beyond the silver screen. She’s a role model not just for aspiring actresses, but for working parents juggling careers and family.

And as Bronwyn and Slater spread their wings, they take with them the unwavering love and support of their incredible parents.

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