Drea de Matteo Pays Off Mortgage on OnlyFans

From “The Sopranos” to Solopreneur: Drea de Matteo Pays Off Mortgage on OnlyFans

Drea de Matteo, best known for her role as Adriana La Cerva in the iconic HBO series “The Sopranos,” took a surprising career turn in 2023 by joining the adult subscription platform OnlyFans.

While the move initially raised eyebrows, de Matteo recently revealed a shocking detail – she managed to pay off her entire mortgage within just five minutes of launching her account.

From “The Sopranos” to Solopreneur: Drea de Matteo Pays Off Mortgage on OnlyFans

Facing financial hardship and the consequences of refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, which reportedly led to lost acting opportunities, de Matteo found herself in a desperate situation. “It saved us,” she confessed in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“OnlyFans saved my life, 100%. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it really did save us.”

Drea de Matteo Pays Off Mortgage on OnlyFans

However, de Matteo’s journey wasn’t driven solely by financial desperation. She emphasizes the platform’s creative freedom and control it offers creators. “It’s empowering as all hell,” she said.

“I’m calling the shots. I’m creating my own content. I’m my own boss.”

De Matteo’s story has sparked conversations on the evolving nature of celebrity and the increasingly blurred lines between traditional media and online platforms.

While some remain critical of her methods, others see it as an example of resourcefulness and agency in a changing media landscape.


Whether you agree with de Matteo’s decision or not, her story highlights the potential of online platforms to empower individuals and offer alternative avenues for financial security and creative expression.

It’s a reminder that the definition of success and the path to achieving it continue to evolve, sometimes in unexpected ways.

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