CPC Closed in AdSense

CPC Closed in AdSense? Understanding the Sunset of a Bidding Strategy (and What You Can Do Now)

For many AdSense publishers, the recent news of “CPC Closed” bidding being shut down has sent ripples of concern. This strategy, which allowed publishers to set a minimum price for their ad clicks, is being phased out by Google, leaving publishers wondering what it means for their earnings and future.

But fear not, this isn’t necessarily a doomsday scenario. Let’s delve deeper into the closure of CPC Closed, its implications, and explore alternative strategies to optimize your AdSense revenue.

CPC Closed in AdSense: Understanding the Sunset of a Bidding Strategy (and What You Can Do Now)

For years, “Cost-Per-Click” (CPC) reigned supreme as the benchmark for publishers seeking to understand their AdSense earnings. A high CPC meant happy publishers, while a low one sent them scrambling for solutions.

However, with Google’s recent announcement phasing out CPC as a primary metric, the landscape has shifted dramatically.

Why is CPC Closed Going Away?

Google’s reasoning for retiring CPC Closed is two-fold: firstly, it aims to simplify the bidding system for both publishers and advertisers. Secondly, they believe it ultimately leads to lower overall earnings for publishers compared to other, more dynamic bidding models like CPM (Cost Per Mille) and eCPM (effective CPM).

Why Did CPC Get Closed?

CPC Closed in AdSense

First, let’s address the elephant in the room: why did Google shut down CPC? The key reason lies in the evolution of programmatic advertising. Real-time bidding and header bidding have introduced complex pricing models that go beyond a simple “cost per click.”

Advertisers now consider factors like user context, device, and purchase intent, making CPC a less accurate reflection of true value.

Navigating the Post-CPC World: New Metrics for New Times

So, what should publishers focus on now? Google emphasizes a shift towards “revenue per available impression” (RPM).

This broader metric incorporates various factors like eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) and CTR (click-through rate) to provide a more comprehensive understanding of your ad space’s value.

Additionally, metrics like “estimated earnings per pageview” and “page RPM” offer valuable insights into specific content performance.

What Does This Mean for Publishers?

While some publishers might see a temporary dip in earnings with the switch, it’s crucial to remember that CPC Closed wasn’t a guaranteed income stream. The minimum bid often limited ad exposure, potentially missing out on higher-paying clicks.

By embracing other bidding models, you open your ad space to a wider range of advertisers, potentially leading to increased competition and higher eCPMs.

What Can You Do Now?

CPC Closed in AdSense
  1. Embrace the Change: Don’t panic! Experiment with different bidding strategies like CPM and eCPM. Track your performance closely to see which model works best for your specific niche and audience.
  2. Optimize Your Content: High-quality, engaging content attracts relevant and valuable users, which in turn attracts higher-paying advertisers. Focus on creating content that resonates with your target audience and provides genuine value.
  3. Diversify Your Traffic Sources: Don’t rely solely on organic search traffic. Explore paid advertising, social media marketing, and other channels to bring in a wider range of users with potentially higher click-through rates.
  4. Utilize AdSense Tools: Google provides various tools within AdSense to help you optimize your ad performance. Experiment with ad formats, placements, and targeting options to find the most effective combinations.
  5. Consider Alternatives: While AdSense is a popular choice, it’s not the only option. Explore other ad networks and platforms that might better align with your specific niche and goals.


  • Focus on RPM and other holistic metrics for a broader understanding.
  • Analyze data to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Diversify your revenue streams and explore alternative options.
  • Embrace the change as an opportunity for growth and adaptation.

Final Thought

CPC Closed in AdSense

The closure of CPC Closed isn’t the end of the road. By understanding the reasons behind the change, adapting your strategy, and focusing on content and audience, you can still thrive in the dynamic world of online advertising.

See it as an opportunity to explore new possibilities and optimize your AdSense experience for long-term success.

By following these steps, you can navigate the post-CPC era with confidence and continue to monetize your content effectively.

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