Jung Kook's New "Standing Next to You" MV, Interesting Facts and Reactions

Jung Kook’s New “Standing Next to You” MV, Interesting Facts and Reactions

The official music video for Jung Kook’s “Standing Next to You” was released on November 3, 2023, and has over 3 million views on YouTube.

The video was directed by Lumpens and features Jung Kook singing and dancing in a variety of locations, including a forest, a beach, and a city.

Jung Kook’s New “Standing Next to You” MV, Interesting Facts and Reactions

The video begins with Jung Kook walking through a forest, singing about his love for someone who is always there for him.

Jung Kook's New "Standing Next to You" MV, Interesting Facts and Reactions

He then moves to a beach, where he dances and sings about how much he enjoys spending time with this person.

The video then cuts to a city, where Jung Kook is seen singing and dancing in front of a variety of backgrounds.

The video ends with Jung Kook standing next to the person he loves, singing about how happy he is to have them in his life.

Watch Jung Kook’s new viral music video “Standing Next to You”

Here are some interesting facts about the video:

  • The video was filmed in South Korea and the United States.
  • Jung Kook himself helped to choreograph the dance for the video.
  • The video features a number of different outfits for Jung Kook, including a white suit, a black leather jacket, and a red hoodie.
  • The video has been praised for its beautiful visuals and Jung Kook’s powerful vocals and dancing.

Viewers’ Reactions on Jung Kook’s “Standing Next to You” MV

Jung Kook’s new music video got not only millions of views on YouTube in just a few hours of release but also has several good comments. It proves that people like too much this video.

Jung Kook's New "Standing Next to You" MV, Interesting Facts and Reactions

Here are some viewers reactions on Jung Kook’s new music video

  • Only ARMY know how much effort Jungkook put into his song to be perfect. Our mission is to show him our support for him and how much we answered it
  • You could feel Jungkook’s drive and passion showcase that he is a once in a generation talent.
  • I hope he keeps reaching new heights.
  • This MV undeniably showcases Jungkook’s versatility and top-tier artistry. His vocals and dancing skills are absolutely on point. The exquisite and sophisticated production perfectly complements this impressive song. Hats off to all the talented individuals behind this explosive and splendid creation – you’ve truly outdone yourselves. Congratulations to our Golden Maknae, Jungkook, for your “Golden” album. I’m confident it’s going to break records, just as it should!
  • I watched the video three times the first time to see his beauty the second time to see the beauty of his voice and the third time to admire his dancing it is truly a masterpiece
Image credit: Rolling Stone


Overall Jung Kook’s new music video may be his one of the most popular pop song because it is going to be a viral music video.

If you’re a fan of Jung Kook than you should watch his new music video “Standing Next to You“.

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