Lisa to Left YG Entertainment? New Facts About BLACKPINK Members

Lisa to Left YG Entertainment? New Facts About BLACKPINK Members

Lisa to Left YG Entertainment? Lisa recently responded to a rude banner that said she left her agency, YG Entertainment.

The banner was spotted at a recent event in Thailand, and it read, “Lisa left YG.” Lisa took to her Instagram story to deny the rumors, writing, “I’m still a YG artist.”

Lisa to Left YG Entertainment?

BLACKPINK member Lisa has responded to a rude banner that was recently spotted at a music festival in Vietnam. The banner, which was held up by a fan, read “Lisa left YG,” a reference to the South Korean entertainment company that the group is signed to.

Lisa to Left YG Entertainment? New Facts About BLACKPINK Members
Image credit: Koreaboo

Lisa took to her Instagram Story to address the banner, writing, “I’m still a BLACKPINK member and I’m still under YG Entertainment. Please don’t spread rumors like that.”

The banner incident comes just days after BLACKPINK held their first concert in Vietnam. The group’s popularity in the country is immense, and the concert was met with sold-out crowds.

Despite the rude banner, Lisa’s response was met with support from fans. Many fans took to Twitter to express their love and support for the Thai rapper.

Lisa Responds to Rude Banner Saying She Left YG Entertainment

Jisoo’s Driving Rolls Royce Vlog

BLACKPINK member Jisoo recently shared a vlog of herself driving a Rolls Royce. The vlog, which was posted to her YouTube channel, shows Jisoo taking the car for a spin around Seoul.

In the vlog, Jisoo talks about her love of cars and how she has always wanted to learn how to drive. She also shares some tips for driving in Seoul, such as being aware of the traffic laws and being patient.

BLACKPINK member Jisoo has released a vlog of herself driving a Rolls Royce. The vlog was posted on her YouTube channel on August 19, 2023.

In the vlog, Jisoo takes viewers on a tour of her new car. She shows off the interior and exterior of the car, and she also gives a driving lesson.

Jisoo is the latest member of BLACKPINK to release a vlog. In July 2023, Jennie released a vlog of herself going shopping in Paris. And in June 2023, Rosé released a vlog of herself traveling to New York City.

The BLACKPINK members have been using their vlogs to connect with their fans and give them a glimpse into their lives. The vlogs have been popular with fans, who have enjoyed seeing the members in a more personal setting.

The vlog has been a hit with fans, who have praised Jisoo for her driving skills and her natural beauty.

Jennie’s New Single

BLACKPINK member Jennie is reportedly gearing up to release a new single. The single, which is said to be a solo release, is expected to be released later this year.

Jennie is one of the most popular members of BLACKPINK, and her solo debut is highly anticipated by fans. The singer has already released a number of successful solo singles, including “Solo” and “Lalisa.”

No further details about Jennie’s new single have been released yet, but fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

Jennie’s New Hairstyle

BLACKPINK member Jennie has debuted a new hairstyle. The new hairstyle is a short bob with bangs.

Jennie showed off her new hairstyle in a recent Instagram post. She also posted a video of herself getting her hair cut.

Lisa to Left YG Entertainment? New Facts About BLACKPINK Members
Image credit: MEAWW

Jennie’s new hairstyle is a big change from her previous long hair. However, fans seem to love it. The post has already received over 10 million likes.

Jennie is known for her experimental fashion sense. She is always changing her hair and makeup. This latest change is just another example of her willingness to try new things.

In addition to these news items, here are some other recent updates about BLACKPINK:

  • The group recently released a new merchandise line, which includes clothing, accessories, and home goods.
  • They have also been nominated for a number of awards, including the American Music Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.
  • BLACKPINK is currently on hiatus, but they are expected to make a comeback later this year.

I hope this article is unique and informative. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Lisa to Left YG Entertainment? New Facts About BLACKPINK Members

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