Mac Sabbath's New "Save Room For Dessert" Tour 2024 Dates, and More

Mac Sabbath’s New “Save Room For Dessert” Tour 2024 Dates, and More

Get ready, West Coast headbangers and burger enthusiasts, because Mac Sabbath is rolling into town with a heaping helping of heavy riffs and satirical shenanigans!

The “Save Room For Dessert” tour, co-starring the glam-punk rockers THE DARTS, promises four nights of face-melting music, sideshow spectacle, and enough greasy goodness to clog Ronnie James Dio’s drainpipe.

Mac Sabbath Brings the Metal (and Munchies) West with “Save Room For Dessert” Tour

Mac Sabbath isn’t your average metal band. Fronted by the ever-charismatic Ronald Osborne (think Ozzy Osbourne reimagined as Colonel Sanders), this culinary coven is as much about theatrics and social commentary as they are about shredding power chords.

Mac Sabbath's New "Save Room For Dessert" Tour 2024 Dates, and More

Their tongue-in-cheek Black Sabbath parodies skewer the fast-food industry with hilarious precision, turning classics like “Iron Man” into “Grilling Man” and “Paranoid” into “Processed Food.”

But don’t be fooled by the comedic exterior. These guys are legit musicians, laying down Sabbath-inspired grooves that would make Tony Iommi proud.

Slayer MacCheeze on bass, Grimalice on drums, and the Cat Burglar on guitar weave a sonic tapestry that’s both heavy and playful, a perfect soundtrack for headbanging while contemplating the evils of Big Food.

And then there’s the stage show. Prepare for a sensory overload of pyrotechnics, inflatable hamburgers, laser-eyed clowns, and enough smoke to choke a pack of Marlboros.

About Mac Sabbath’s live performances

Mac Sabbath's New "Save Room For Dessert" Tour 2024 Dates, and More
Image credit: Bass Magazine

Mac Sabbath’s live performances are more than just concerts; they’re full-blown multimedia extravaganzas that blur the lines between reality and Ronald’s fevered imagination.

Sharing the stage with this greasy Goliath are THE DARTS, a glam-punk quartet known for their infectious energy and leopard-print spandex. Imagine Joan Jett fronting The Runaways while simultaneously raiding Siouxsie and the Banshees’ wardrobe, and you’re halfway there.

Their music is a potent cocktail of punk snarl, glam swagger, and bubblegum hooks, guaranteed to get your feet moving and your fist pumping.

So, whether you’re a metalhead with a bottomless stomach or a punk rocker with a penchant for leopard spots, the “Save Room For Dessert” tour is a must-see event. Just remember to pace yourself on the chili cheese fries – you don’t want to miss Mac Sabbath’s molten metal milkshake.

Mac Sabbath’s “Save Room For Dessert” Tour 2024 Dates

  • January 17th – Pioneertown, CA – MAC SABBATH – Pappy And Harriets
  • January 19th – Flagstaff, AZ – MAC SABBATH – Orpheum Theater
  • January 20th – Tucson, AZ – MAC SABBATH – Rialto Theatre
  • January 21st – Las Vegas, NV – MAC SABBATH – The Portal Inside AREA 15

Final Thought

Mac Sabbath's New "Save Room For Dessert" Tour 2024 Dates, and More
Image credit: Metal Planet Music

Get your tickets before they’re gone! This is one culinary-metal meltdown you won’t want to miss.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your appetite. There may or may not be a burger-eating contest at each show. Just sayin’.

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