ITZY RYUJIN's New "Run Away" M/V: Facts and Reactions

ITZY RYUJIN’s New “Run Away” M/V: Facts and Reactions

ITZY’s RYUJIN has finally dropped her much-anticipated solo debut music video for “Run Away,” and it’s safe to say that it’s everything fans could have hoped for and more.

ITZY RYUJIN’s New “Run Away” M/V: Facts and Reactions

The video is a stunning visual feast that showcases RYUJIN’s incredible talent and charisma, and it’s already racking up millions of views.

The Facts

  • “Run Away” was released on December 12, 2023, and the music video quickly went viral.
  • The video was directed by Kim Donghan, who has previously worked with ITZY on several of their music videos.
  • The song is a powerful and emotional ballad that showcases RYUJIN’s impressive vocal range.
  • The video features stunning choreography that was created by RYUJIN herself.

The Reactions

ITZY RYUJIN's New "Run Away" M/V: Facts and Reactions

Fans have been absolutely loving “Run Away,” and they’re taking to social media to share their praise. The video has been praised for its beautiful visuals, RYUJIN’s powerful performance, and the song’s catchy melody.

Here are some of the reactions from fans on Twitter:

  • “RYUJIN’s solo debut is everything I’ve ever wanted and more! ‘Run Away’ is a masterpiece!”
  • “I’m so proud of RYUJIN! She’s such a talented artist, and her solo debut proves it.”
  • “The choreography in ‘Run Away’ is amazing! RYUJIN is such a skilled dancer.”
  • “I can’t stop listening to ‘Run Away’! It’s such a beautiful song.”
  • “RYUJIN has outdone herself with this solo debut! I can’t wait to see what she does next.”



ITZY RYUJIN’s “Run Away” is a stunning and successful solo debut. The music video is a visual masterpiece, and the song is a catchy and emotional ballad that showcases RYUJIN’s incredible talent. The video has been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions from fans, and it’s sure to be a huge hit.

In addition to the above, here are some other interesting facts about ITZY RYUJIN’s “Run Away” M/V:

  • The video was filmed in just two days.
  • RYUJIN came up with the concept for the music video herself.
  • The video features several hidden references to ITZY’s previous music videos.
  • The song’s lyrics were written by RYUJIN herself.
ITZY RYUJIN's New "Run Away" M/V: Facts and Reactions

Final Thought

I hope this article gives you a good overview of ITZY RYUJIN’s new “Run Away” M/V. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend checking it out! You won’t be disappointed.

What do you think of ITZY RYUJIN’s “Run Away” M/V?


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