Tate McRae's "greedy" at 2023 BBMAs: A New Memorable Performance

Tate McRae’s “greedy” at 2023 BBMAs: A New Memorable Performance

The 2023 Billboard Music Awards were a night to remember, and one of the most memorable performances was undoubtedly Tate McRae’s rendition of her hit single “greedy.”

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter took the stage with an electrifying energy that captivated the audience from the very first note.

Tate McRae’s “Greedy” Steals the Show at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards

Tate McRae’s star continued to rise at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards when she delivered a show-stopping performance of her hit single “Greedy.”

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter, who was a finalist for Top Dance/Electronic Song for her collaboration with Tiësto on “10:35,” brought her signature blend of pop and electronic music to the stage, captivating the audience with her powerful vocals and energetic dance moves.

Tate McRae's "greedy" at 2023 BBMAs: A New Memorable Performance

McRae opened the performance with a sultry rendition of the song’s opening verse, setting the tone for a captivating performance. As the song progressed, she transitioned into a more upbeat and energetic delivery, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

The stage was adorned with vibrant lighting and effects, creating a visually stunning backdrop for McRae’s performance.

The crowd erupted into cheers as McRae effortlessly executed her choreography, showcasing her impressive dance skills. She interacted with the audience throughout the performance, making the experience even more engaging for the fans.

By the end of the song, the entire arena was singing along, creating a truly unforgettable moment.

Watch: Tate McRae Performing greedy at 2023 BBMAs

McRae’s performance was a masterclass in stage presence. She commanded the attention of the entire arena with her powerful vocals and dynamic dance moves. Her choreography was sharp and precise, and she effortlessly moved from one complex step to another.

But it wasn’t just McRae’s physicality that made her performance so memorable. Her vocals were equally impressive. She delivered the song with a raw emotion that resonated with the audience. Her voice was full of passion and conviction, and she never missed a beat.

In addition to her vocals and dance moves, McRae also brought a unique visual element to her performance. She was joined on stage by a group of dancers who performed alongside her in a series of synchronized routines.

The dancers were dressed in all black, and their movements were sharp and precise. They added a touch of drama and intensity to the performance, and they helped to create a truly unforgettable visual spectacle.

Tate McRae's "greedy" at 2023 BBMAs: A New Memorable Performance
Image credit: Billboard

Tate McRae: Best songs and achievements

Tate McRae is a Canadian singer and songwriter who has quickly gained recognition for her raw and honest lyrics. At just 19 years old, she has already achieved a great deal of success, including two Juno Awards and a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Here are some of Tate McRae’s best songs:

  • “You Broke Me First” (2020): This breakthrough single is about the emotional pain of heartbreak. It is a raw and relatable song that has resonated with listeners worldwide.
  • “She’s All I Wanna Be” (2022): This song is about feeling insecure and comparing yourself to others. It is a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they are not enough.
  • “Stupid” (2021): This song is about the regret of making bad decisions. It is a catchy and relatable song that will stay with you long after you listen to it.
  • “I Used to Think I Could Fly” (2021): This song is about growing up and realizing that things are not always as they seem. It is a beautiful and introspective song that will make you think.
  • “wrangler” (2023): This song is about the challenges of being a young woman in today’s world. It is a powerful and inspiring song that will make you feel like you can overcome anything

In addition to her musical success, Tate McRae is also a talented dancer and actress. She was a finalist on the American reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance at the age of 13. She has also appeared in the films “Lalaloopsy” (2012-2015) and “The Fallout” (2021).

Tate McRae's "greedy" at 2023 BBMAs: A New Memorable Performance

Tate McRae is a rising star with a bright future ahead of her. She is a talented and versatile artist who is sure to continue to make great music for many years to come.

Here are some of Tate McRae’s achievements:

  • Two Juno Awards: Album of the Year for “I Used to Think I Could Fly” and Songwriter of the Year (2022)
  • One iHeartRadio Music Award: Best New Pop Artist (2021)
  • Spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list (2021)
  • Two MTV Video Music Award nominations: Best New Artist and Push Performance of the Year (2022)


McRae’s performance of “Greedy” was one of the highlights of the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, solidifying her status as one of the most exciting young artists in the music industry.

Her ability to connect with her audience and deliver a captivating performance is sure to take her even further in the years to come.

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