Is Border 2 Movie Coming? Sunny Deol Breaks Silence in an Exclusive Interview

Is Border 2 Movie Coming? Sunny Deol Breaks Silence in an Exclusive Interview

Is Border 2 Movie Coming? In an exclusive interview with TRS Clips, actor Sunny Deol has finally addressed the rumors about a possible sequel to his 1997 blockbuster film, Border.

Is Border 2 Movie Coming? Sunny Deol Breaks Silence in an Exclusive Interview

Deol’s comments come as a disappointment to many fans who have been eagerly awaiting a sequel to Border.

The film, which was directed by JP Dutta, was a major critical and commercial success, and it is considered to be one of the greatest war films ever made in India.

Is Border 2 Movie Coming? Sunny Deol Breaks Silence in an Exclusive Interview
Is Border 2 Movie Coming?

However, Deol explained that he is not opposed to the idea of making a Border 2 in the future. “If the right script comes along, I would definitely be interested in doing it.

Gadar 2 is the sequel to Deol’s 2001 film, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. The film, which is also directed by Dutta released in 2023 and earned more than 300 crore in a week.

The film has become one of the most successful Hindi movies.

Sunny Deol’s Exclusive Interview on Border 2 Movie

In the interview, Deol also talked about his upcoming projects. He revealed that he is working on a new film with director Anil Sharma. He also said that he is open to doing more work in the digital space.

Is Border 2 Movie Coming?

“I am excited about the possibilities that the digital space offers,” he said. “I am looking forward to exploring new avenues and telling stories that have not been told before.”

Deol’s comments suggest that he is still very much active in the film industry. He is one of the most popular and respected actors in India, and his fans are eagerly awaiting his next project.

Whether it is Border 2 or something else entirely, Deol is sure to deliver another entertaining and memorable performance.

Border 2 Official Announcement Update

Is Border 2 Movie Coming?

Is Border 2 a possibility in the future?

It is still too early to say for sure whether or not Border 2 will ever be made. However, Deol’s comments suggest that he is not opposed to the idea, and he has hinted that he would be interested in doing it if the right script comes along.

Only time will tell if Border 2 will ever become a reality. But one thing is for sure: Sunny Deol is still a major force in the Indian film industry, and his fans are always eager to see what he does next.

Border 2 Official Trailer


If a Border 2 does get made, it will be interesting to see how Deol and the filmmakers will approach the story. The original film was a very realistic portrayal of war, and it would be difficult to top that.

However, Deol is a talented actor and filmmaker, and I am confident that he would be able to make a worthy sequel.

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