Nerveless Nocks performed such a thrilling and dangerous show in AGT 2022 season 17 that the judges were shocked 

Angelina said that she is the 8th generation of Nerveless and the name Nerveless was given bt England's queen to her grandfather.

These duo performers were from Florida.  Michelangelo (father) and Angelina (daughter) Nock represent The Nerveless Nocks.

They performed this thrilling and dangerous act without life saving components.

It was not their 1st audition in AGT. The already have participated in AGT Extreme

It was one of their 13 acts that they do. It was episode 10 which is the final episode of AGT 2022 season 17.

Angelina mostly perform the acrobatic and daredevil acts with her father for long time.

All the judges said yes because they were impressed and shocked with the performance of Nerveless Nocks.