June 21 is known for the longest day and shortest night of year that is also celebrated as summer solstice.

Across the Northern Hemisphere on Tuesday, musicians shined their instruments and children strung up flower garlands as for the celebration summer solstice 2022

The people of London celebrate 21st June for the longest day of about 17 hours.

People gather for sunrise at Stonehenge, on June 21, 2022 in Wiltshire, England.to celebrate the longest day and shortest night.

Different groups celebrate nature blooming for the start of summer, while others worship the sun.

According to an English Heritage “if you were to stand in the middle of the stone circle on midsummer’s day, the sun rises just to the left of the Heel Stone, an outlying stone to the north-east of the monument,”

The summer solstice coincides with a national celebration of music held yearly since 1982 in France.

On June 21, The summer solstice is celebrated in 120 countries as a holiday