Next-gen BMW M5 to have more than 700hp that'll be a petrol hybrid V8 car

The new half breed drivetrain is set to support its stores to "over 700hp" and offer "restricted electric drive similarity",

The gathering of the electric motor is set to fabricate the M5's stores by more than 200hp to someplace in the area of 790hp.

The best features of this Next-gen BMW M5 is that it will distinguish it from the upcoming new 5-series sedan 

It will include widened front and rear tracks, performance brake system and quad tailpipes like the outgoing model

The super-vehicle will have fascinating front and back watches with a meaner-looking arrangement

It'll have different alloy wheel options and M-badging all around including the interior that will also feature carbon-fibre bits and other unique M performance treatment.

The first petrol-hybrid powertrain next-gen BMW M5 is expected to launch and go on sale globally from 2024.