HBO announces boxing champion Rhys and Jodie Foster will star for the fourth season of True Detective

Proficient boxing champion and basic liberties advocate Kali Reis is good to go to a star close by Oscar-winning entertainer Jodie Foster.

Kali Rees is a World Boxing Federation (WBA) and World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight champion

Reis set his sights on Hollywood by starring in a film called 'Catch the Fair One'

Reis is likewise a persuasive orator and steadfast vocal ally of the 'Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls development'

The 35-year-old entertainer will be found in the Emmy-selected wrongdoing Emmy-nominated crime-thriller anthology series ‘True Detective" Season 4.

When Reis posted the intriguing news on her Instagram account, fans overwhelmed her remarks area.

The impending time of the crime-thriller anthology series has been named 'True Detective: Night Country'.