Flintz and Taylor become the last golden buzzer winner of BGT 2022. Alesha Dixon selected them as her golden buzzer performers.

The combination of rapper and pianist achieved them to Alesha's golden buzzer in Britain's Got Talent 2022. 

The 22 years old Flintz was a rapper from Croydon while the 21 years old Taylor was a pianist from Birmingham.

Their powerful performance on original song excited Alesha Dixon to select them as her golden buzzer performers

Alesha said - “Nothing makes me happier than seeing young musicians, you had something to say.”

Alesha continued; “Thankfully, the last audition day, I pressed my buzzer for an act that I was really pleased with. I thought they were really fresh. They were a great duo. Their song was really contemporary and they had something to say."

She also said - " I think that they will tick a box that an audience would appreciate and love seeing an act like that on the show. So I’m really pleased with my buzzer.

At the end she said - "It’s a brilliant opportunity and platform for them. So I’m over the moon for them.”