Axel Blake presented such an amazing and outstanding stand-up comedy in BGT 2022 that Simon pressed the Golden Buzzer for him.

All the judges and audiences were impressed with his comedy and its unique way of presentation.

Axel Blake is a stand-up comedian from West London. He come on BGT 2022 audition with his 12 years old son.

Simon Cowell gave their golden buzzer to comedian Axel Blake who impressed with his stand up comedy.

Simon said after Blake's performance - “Super confident, I know it’s a bit of a cliche..

 ..but after what everyone has gone through over the past couple of years, boy we needed this show back on air and we needed acts like you.”

Simon also said after giving him the golden buzzer - “The act I gave my Golden Buzzer to this year I just loved instantly."

Cowell also added - "They surprised me how much I loved it. It’s the best feeling when you get it right. I went early again, it was day one that I pressed my buzzer .”