Magician Keiichi Iwasaki became the golden buzzer performer for Ant & Dec in BGT Audition 2022.

He impressed the judges by showing so many illusions and tricks.

The judges said him brilliant at the time of hitting the golden buzzer for him.

Judges explained that why they select this act for their golden buzzer. They said - “We’re so far away from the Golden Buzzer. If there’s anything that’s really good we know the judges are going to get there first...

So we always have to go for something a little bit different, but something that the audience gets behind and something that we feel.

And also, it’s got to have looked good from the side because that’s all we get to see! It has to work watching it from the side.

“That’s why every year it’s been something a little bit different. We got the winner last year in Jon Courtenay. He was our Golden Buzzer and he went on to win it.

His magic and tricks were so surprising that judges couldn't stop theme to give him a standing ovation