Sacramento Kings face off against the Orlando Magic and become this year’s No. 1 pick in Summer League.

The Sacramento Kings went head to head against the Orlando Magic and the man picked three spots in front of Keegan Murray, Paolo Banchero

This more than two hour abrupt demise matchup of two top four picks satisfied everyone's expectations

Notwithstanding a propelled rebound the Kings couldn't leave with the success, losing to the Magic by a score of 94-92.

Subsequent to being down very nearly 20 focuses in the fourth, the Kings had the option to drive extra time after a Banchero turnover prompted a Murray bell beating 3-pointer.

Regardless of the misfortune, it was a fruitful night here and there

The two players, notwithstanding, battled with turnovers. Banchero got done with eight while Murray added up to five.

The Summer League is intended to show what your new/more youthful players are equipped for before completely laying out their part in the normal season.