Sister Wives fans have numerous unanswered inquiries subsequent to discovering that Kody and Robyn Brown are authoritatively separated.

Brown family got the chance to discuss Kody and Christine's unprecedented spiritual divorce during the Sister Wives season 16 tell-all special

Sister Wives fans have doubts of Robyn's alleged thinking and suspect Robyn has ulterior thought processes in being furious with Christine

A genuine chance is that Kody will search for another spouse to supplant Christine.

This could be the genuine justification for why Robyn Brown's furious with Christine in light of the fact that it implies she could need to seek Kody's warmth.

Robyn swears that she simply needs awesome for Kody and Christine, yet Sister Wives fans accept Robyn Brown is stressed over how she'll manage Christine's nonappearance

From Kody getting another spouse to losing her existence series, there are many justifications for why Robyn Brown could be furious with Christine.

For better or for more regrettable, Sister Wives season 16 ended up being the most considerable section in the Brown family's story.