'Saturday Night Live' (2023) next shows dates

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'Saturday Night Live' new episode 2023, date confirmed

The 'Saturday Night Live' is one of the most anticipated reality shows.

People are awaiting for the new episode of 'Saturday Night Live' for a long time.

Because the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live have been on an extended holiday break since mid-December.

But the waiting for the date to air its new episode is going to end - Best SEO Idea

In this return of SNL, you'll see Aubrey Plaza as host while Sam Smith returns for their third stop on the show.

Michael B. Jordan will join musical guest Lil Baby.

The New episodes of 'Saturday Night Live' will return to Studio 8H beginning January 21st

NBC has also declared the releasing dats of next two episodes.

The next two episodes of 'Saturday Night Live' will air on 4 Feb. and 28 Feb.