Led Zeppelin scrapped a planned hologram reunion show using avatars after the band members couldn’t agree on it, Jimmy Page has revealed.

Page was speaking onstage at the Hay Festival in Wales on 2 June when he made the comments, according to reporting by The Guardian.

Led Zeppelin were asked to put on a hologram-style concert featuring digital avatars of the English rock band

Page said that Led Zeppelin had been asked to do “that sort of thing” long before ABBA’s hologram show was announced.

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Page has also spoken regarding the scrapped exhibition in an interview with Uncut last month

saying, “there was something at one point. But all the members and people around the band couldn’t agree.

JIMMY PAGE Says There Was Talk Of A Holographic LED ZEPPELIN Reunion Concert

It isn't clear if the idea was to have the remaining members—Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones—play along to a hologram of late drummer John Bonham, or to create holograms of the entire band similar to what Swedish pop group ABBA launched this week.