India's P. M. Narendra Modi decided for listing the IPO of LIC in May 2022

IPO of LIC Facts

It will be India's biggest and World's 4th largest IPO listing this year.

Why IPO of LIC matters?

It'll be a big test of Modi's plan to make the Indian economy more efficient

Why Modi Ji listed IPO of LIC for investors?

May 4 is the date to get orders from retail investors and shares are due to start trading on May 17, 2022

When IPO of LIC will open for investors?

The Indian Government listed 3.5% of LIC stock to sell of which 35% is reserved for retail investors with a discount of Rs45/share.

What will be the structure and benefits of LIC IPO?

Another 10% is reserved for LIC Policyholders with big discounts.

Disclaimer- It include market risk so be careful.